LET IT GO!.......Your time starts now!!

I woke up in a rather reflective mood this morning after a turbulent night (any night spent without electricity is turbulent for me) 🤷
grateful to be alive and appreciative of the cold weather I have been hating on.
Am spending time understanding rather than complaining.

One thing I have learnt so far in life..... Well still learning because
 "man's not hot but man's sturborn sometimes" is  knowing when to hold on and when to Let go!😎
We are not talking about letting go of your dreams and aspirations Hell no!  Your dreams are valid!  but thrashing out all the baggage, hurt, resentment and habits that won't let you get to your peak faster.
Do you regret something that happened in the past?  Maybe you blame yourself or someone else for what they did wrong to you.
Is it a rocky relationship or pieces of it you can't let go?
Family issues that have really affected you?
Goals and targets you didn't meet up with and can't stop hating yourself for it?
Co-workers that have done you wrong?
Mistakes you made in your past that you are still upset about?
It could even be hairstylist who ruined your hair after spending all that money to look nice ( am I still mad?.....  lol!!!! 

You are human and it's understandable. It's OK to be vulnerable to feel bad and to regret but because you live for a higher purpose and your happiness matters,  it's time to wipe that memory and toss each inch of regret and anger back to devil and take back your power.💪
Let it go!  Let it go!  Let it go! There is no one handing out an award for who can hold on to negativity the longest.
Start today on a fresh page, and open your mind to the blessings that come with freedom. 

I will let it go if you are not patient enough to read up till this point.😀
But if you did?  You are the real deal!🙌
I hope this makes a meaningful impact on your life today.🙏

Thanks for stopping by