GLAMOUR MEETS SEXY // Sequin X feathers mini dress

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog.Is it too late to say happy new year?  I guess not!              How are you doing?
  I bring you the very first post of the new year. How excited are you?
How has this first 7 days been for you? Enjoying it? Learnt something new? Still easing into it?  Or are you planning to start your new year on the 1st of February  like some people I know?
So far 2018 has been beautiful, calm, and I can tell you without a doubt that better things are coming for us this year can I get an Amen! 
The goal for the year is to try new things, succeed, help people and find happiness even in the smallest gifts of life.  Smile through the stressful times and be at peace with all.

For today's outfit.  Ladies! If the goal is to walk into a room and stand out then think sequins. I couldn't resist purchasing this multi coloured confetti sequins  dress.It's got the right amount of glamour meet sexy and oh that sparkle!!!!

do have to say however before buying a dress like this, make sure it has a comfortable lining and the sequins is not directly in contact with your skin, so it doesn't get scratchy, uncomfortable or bruise you.
luckily I didn't have this problem. I felt like the queen of England 👑in this ensemble.I will definitely be looking out for this in more colours.I paired it with my favourite black heels because duhhhh!!!!  Black is a classic.  And for a colour pop I paired it with a red clutch.

How has the year been so far for you? 
What are your thoughts on this outfit? Where would you wear this outfit to? Where won't you wear this outfit to and why? I would love to read your thoughts in the comment box belowThanks for stopping by 
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  1. Just a chicken question dear. Is sequin same as sequence?

    1. lol!@ chicken question.
      No dear they are often confused but not the same.
      Sequence is just an order in which things are arranged while sequin refers to the fabric.