Things that must stop in 2017

Hey sunshine!
So social media has been agog with a list of things that should end with 2017 and because i don't like what i hate. I have taken time to outline things i hope would end with 2017.

1. Calling me up to ask for prescription to enable you procure an abortion ends in 2017. God don't like ugly

2.not updating the blog at least twice a week is a sacrilege ( note to self)
I definitely have to do better. For those that enjoy reading my posts, am doing this for you with all my heart.

3. Reading and not sharing or commenting  ho mai gawd!
It has to stop.
Feel free to leave your comments. It takes less than 5 minutes to do so and its pretty easy too. Also share with your  friends and contacts you never know whose life you will bless by doing do.

4.All those that want me to go bankrupt because they wont give me my change. Especially Oga Timo who lives down the street and always holds on to my money in the name of "aunty doctor make I keep the change naa",
"How fine girl like you go dey price? "
Can I use fine girl to collect money in the bank?
If this continues in 2018,The thunder!.......

5.what does your father do for a living.
Waris all deez?
 Toast me and leave my father's occupation out of it.

6.Children of God, while nursing is a beautiful and honourable profession. I am not a nurse. To the wonderful people whom i encounter everyday in the hospital who won't stop calling me aunty nurse,please put some respect on it. I did not spend 7 yeas in med school for nothing Edakun! address me properly, Thanks.

7.To the "come today and come tomorrow"office workers its either you do your job or you pack up and go home. You cannot be present and absent at the same time.

8.Hair stylists that will not be honest in 2018,  your cane is soaking kerosene already. If you cannot give me the style I need please say so. How can I ask for Beyonce and get solange and you still try to convince me  that its nice.
sister o de nice gaaan!!

9. Starting the day without praying. Can you go to work without washing up in the morning?
You don't have time to pray but you have time to dress up. Think about it.
Now that I have that off my chest I can't wait to hear your thoughts.
 What are you hoping to put an end to as we wrap up 2017. Please leave your comments below.

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  1. Feeling free to comment oh!! I've been reminiscing about my 2018 resolutions too, now I think it's time to put pen to paper 😆

    1. Thanks for taking time out to leave a comment Abiola.
      Yes it definitely time to pen down those resolutions as a guide for the new year.