Merry christmas my darlings, how has it been so far?

 Christmas is still in the air ain't it?
Well, unless you are in this part of the east where the only thing in the air is harmattan.
 Damnnnn! its been sooooo colddddd and home girl has to work. Do you know how hard that is? ( holds back tears).
As we mature, we become more  realistic and specific with our needs and wants.
When I was younger Christmas was just a period for no school, fancy clothes and having a lot to eat ( which I loved by the way)
 And for new year .... Well, the beginning of the count down for next Christmas......you feel me?
As a full fledged adult, I see it now as a time to give and not just receive ( its still a time to look beautiful nontheless) and reflect on how I rocked the year. Did I do my best? did I achieve all my goals? What can I do differently?
New year on the other hand is for thanksgiving.
Being alive to welcome the new year is a major blessing and for me I take that very seriously.
 It is also for drawing out new goals and starting a beautiful story on a clean 365 pages....again!
My mantra for this year is "Rise above it".
As we mature  you realise that you can't always expect situations to be ideal, you can't expect people to be nice always and you can't expect to get everything the way you want.
I would say discipline yourself not to be found out of character but even that is not enough to hold one back when the bulshit looks for your address and comes for you.
When you have to put up with negativity, challenges, things not working out, don't let it drain your happiness in 2018.
Rise above it and be the best that you can be!
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