It's December..... Again!!!!

"Christmas is coming the geese are getting fat"
Happy new month darlings!  It's not just a new month,it's December!..... The month of celebration and gift giving.
 The month of finding love and giving love. (ooohhh la-la)
Ohhhhhh! how I love Christmas!

Shebi  I can officially start playing Christmas  songs while driving without getting the side eye from other drivers?

The year has been awesome and I honestly can't complain.God is good!
God has sustained us from the beginning of this year to the last month of the year,not because we are worthy but because he loves us.
Tip for the month: stay prayed up!  Oh yes!  December as beautiful as it is always comes with its own temptations and challenges,plus what better way to prepare for a new year in less than 31 days other than to stay prayed up!  Reconnect with God, examine your relationship with him and get to work on defects in your prayer life.
May this month make up for what you lost in previous months, may you have genuine reasons to smile and may your blessings overflow.
Cheers to more money in the bank,  getting hitched, getting promoted, more blessings and favours and making progress . Happy new month!

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