Understanding women made RIDICULOUSLY EASY!

Hey darlings welcome back to our blog. If I received a coin for all the times I have heard that women are too difficult, complicated or impossible to please I will be negotiating to buy zenith bank by now.
            Women are not as complicated as you think. This is how I see it, understanding a woman is like operating a cell phone. Pretty easy! But to someone who has no knowledge of the principles its almost rocket science.
               Everyman has at least a  wife/ girlfriend, mum,sister,auntie,cousin in his life that he loves and wants to be at peace with. Which is more reason why you need to understand these special beings.
         So because am concerned, I have taken time out to share basic knowledge on how to achieve this with you guys( I hope am speaking for all the ladies).

1.Women get scared. Dont be mad when we are freaked out by an insect,lizard,rat or worse. think of it rather as an opportunity to exercise your masculinity.
We are also scared to get hurt or die, when you start speeding "by her own standard" and she is not comfortable with it,just slow down; arguing back and forth will do you no good.
When she calls to know where you are, she is simply trying to make sure you are OK because she cares. When she complains about your keeping late nights its because she doesn't want you to fall into the wrong hands. Its coming from a place of Love.

2.Attention is fuel. You ain't  getting no peace if she isn't getting enough attention. It's really not that hard guys, check up on her when you are not together. Ask about her day, plan activities for you two. When she wants to talk about her day or what happened in the saloon or how iya Biliki did not answer her greeting the other day act interested even if you have to fake it.

3.Respect her, that means don't talk down on her in public or private. You can reprimand her at home not in public also her enemy is NOT your friend ( very important)

4.We can share our lipgloss but not our man. The only person she is not worried about is your mum,sister and auntie every other person needs to go through her to get your attention.

5. There comes a time every month when we are hormonal,irritable and a tad bit annoying. you have to know when it is and thread lightly. Yelling at this point will do more harm than good. Also understand that she might complain about so much and cry over the most mundane things. Be nice and supportive.

6.Buy her gifts. Gift is a universal language understood by women of all ethnicity and race.No matter how small, its the  thought that counts. Gifts make women happy and ahappy wife/ girlfriend equals a happy home/ relationship.

7. We need help sometimes. Real women like to play super woman juggling a career, raising kids, keeping the home clean and making sure everybody is fed and well. Even though she might not ask,deep down she needs  your help. Think of how you can help lessen her burden. You could help with the cooking sometimes,that will be romantic. You could help with the kids too. After all relationship is a partnership.

8.The man is the head of the house and the woman is the neck. Hence its the duty of the man to provide while the woman supports. Its not a 50/50 thing. You don't ask her to bring half of the rent while you bring the other half. Its a different thing if she makes more money and you both agree on how to share the responsibility. But a man should know that he is responsible for his household and not be lazy about it.

8.communicate! Women don't have a problem with this. We are not afraid to voice out what is on our mind. But this cannot be said about the male folks. They would rather discuss with their male friends than their spouse.
We would like for the men in our lives to tell us what's on their mind, what we are not doing right and how we can fix it. We want you to have an opinion even though we might not always agree with you.

9..half the time we are insecure about our look and we want you to make us feel good. Learn to give her compliments generously. She puts in the effort to get her hair and nails done, look beat and dress to the nines its a sin for you not to notice how dare you... Lol!!!

10 when she says how was the food. OK,nice,delicious is not enough. You have to dig deep. Be more creative with your compliments.

Was this helpful? Did I ommit something you would like to add? Share your thoughts in the comment box below

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  1. Haven learnt that compliments are very very important to women, I have to start practising this new knowledge. Please help me to tell the lady in your display picture that she looks beautiful bt the last time l saw you you look more beautiful than her, dont tell her this though.
    Now let me take some time to think......... Hmmmmm........ Is it that we should wait for the sequel to this because I think we need something way lenthier than this to truly understand women. Well while l am waiting for the next part, thanks for the key pointsπŸ˜€πŸ˜€.
    U sure are good at this(writting) keep it up.
    Remember you owe us more most for the long absence πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Thanks Nnamdi, this is the basics for now once you can put these to work you are covered. And thanks also for the compliments. Have a blessed day dear.

  3. ... anyway, it's a woman's world. Guys, let's get back to classes. There’s a lot to learn :-) If women are really this ‘easy’, I wonder why they are so 'difficult' to understand :-(
    Thanks for the (helpful) tips and your efforts ;-)