Back to work x favourite site to shop

Hey darlings! Thank God its friday. Its always a delight to be back on here with my lovelies.
I hope you are having a beautiful week. If not, take a deep breathe the weekend is around the corner and it will only get better.
So after my last post on the ongoing doctors strike in my Center HERE the strike has finally been called off and work mode fully activated.
How ironical it is that just a few days ago, I couldn't wait for this situation  to be over. Now that it is, I kind of miss waking up by 9am with no guilt.

Am happy that those at the hem of affairs have responded to the requests of my colleagues.   
Doctors should not be undermined. We put our lives on the line and work tirelessly to save lives hence we deserve to be paid for the work  we do. 
No one should be deprived payment for work done, its inhuman.
The health sector needs attention in Nigeria. Health workers should not be pushed to strike in a country where the lives of the masses matter.
That being said, you know i had to take a selfie or two to show you how elated i am to be back to my "first love".... You like? (lol!!!!)

Its  barely few hours to 28th October ( my birthday) and although am not a big birthday girl, I love to spoil myself silly and by that I mean " cold stone" ice cream with waffles smashed into it. I don't care very much for toppings) And of course shopping!!!!!!
What girl doesn't love to shop till she drops especially if its from Poppy apparel 
I can shop the latest and trendiest outfits for a very affordable price. Shipping is free and you can get a 10 %  discount on all items with the code " stylishdoctor10" How cool is that?
Am also hoping that as i add a year, I can be a blessing and make a positive impact in someone's life too I don't know how but I trust the holy spirit to inspire me. 
I don't know if I say this enough but thank you guys for  reading,  leaving comments and sharing my posts. I havn't been blogging for up to a year yet but i have made so many wonderful friends through this platform and i hope we can have lunch or drinks someday.
Until then never let the fear of failing stop you from trying. Much love!

Thanks for stopping by


  1. Glad the strike is blog sis 👍

  2. Mondays are the worst days, they say. Cos it is the first day of work after the weekend. Now if you want extend the weekend to Monday, then sorry for Tuesday, the new enemy. Lol
    Well, best is to get used to the hustle. I wake up every morning at the same time, even when I have no where to go... Cos I got used to it and have programmed my natural waker/alarm to it.

    But women and shopping? It's their thing :-)
    I wish you get the inspiration you are asking for... from the Holy Spirit or from...
    As you blow out the candle lights at midnight, what ever are your heart desires, wishes will be granted you in Jesus name.
    Hope to read about the birthday. You deserve more than Ice cream tomorrow. Go spoil yourself ;-)

    1. Thanks dear, I do appreciate your kind wishes.

  3. Waoh waoh waoh!!! Lovelies ������So l am one of your lovelies ������ now my week just got better. I am happy for you that the strike has been called off but somehow l hope this doesnt mean we will start seeing less of you
    Happy birthday in advance have a very very wonderful celebration. And about the shopping site, l kind of checked it out, they actually have beautiful designs and at an affordables prices bt l have not received my salary, so pls tell them to keep the things and the discount, l am coming