7 Things I would not be caught doing!

Goodmorning darlings! Happy Monday to you all, who is excited about work today? All of us i believe?
Work starts today in ernest, am going to be seeing faces that I haven't seen in 2 months and of course I haven't won a ward coat in that amount of time too. I pray for a blessed and fulfilled day for you and I.  In the spirit of the Scorpio season I decided to post 7 things i would not be caught doing.

1.Smoking-I can't stand the smell of cigarette, it nauseats me!

2. Watching action movies
You see,  movie time is chill time for me. When I decide to watch a movie I want to be entertained and bloodshed,guns rattling and unnecessary jumping down from rooftops ain't my idea of entertainment. Give me a good commedy and romance and we are good.

3.Drinking Cold Tea
You guys am not sure if people who do this enjoy it or they just want to challenge themselves. Am that girl that halfway into drinking my tea if it becomes cold ( warm to others) am either done with it or i'll go warm it. Miss me with all that cold tea

4.Hanging out with a thug
Don' t take it tge wrong way, am too damn scared of tattoos and piercing. Am conscious of my image ( how am I going to convince anyone am not one)
Am too careful, I can't roll with someone who lives on the edge.

5.Stealing- Do I even have to explain that? Lol!!!! Am sure my mugshot will look damn good but my name and stealing can't be in the same sentence.
I hate embarrassments, I hate to put myself in awkward situations and yes am too pretty to go to jail.....take that to the bank!!! lol!!

6. Asking for more food at an event
We keep it classy as ladies, well unless you are a mum with little kids only then is it understandable to me.

7.watching football
Am just not that chick, I will most likely be on my phone at one corner the entire time.

What would you most likely not be caught doing?
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  1. Actually u are right, standing around the smell of cigerette nauseate many people myself included that is why l sit down to smoke mine.
    Thhank you very much for this post, at least now l know why you have constantly refused to hang out with me bt for your information this thug face of mine is not my real face oooo
    You just might not know how much you will love football until you actually sit down to watch one, just 90mins and u will become one of our brethren. Its not just about passion, its a religion.
    What will I most likely not be caught doing? without thinking too much, l will never be caught hating you.