Guess who is back!

Hi hun,  How're you doing ( in Wendy's voice), have you eaten? Are you ok?
I said I wasn't going to start this post with an apology because its getting toooooo much but how do I stay away for so long and come back without being apologetic especially to those who refresh my page every day (Thanks a lot).
I started my posting at Paediatric Emergency and its been a roller coaster, with me  coming home exhausted and passing out as soon as i get to my bed till the next day and the cycle continues. My hands have been full with making a living and until blogging starts putting food on "our table"  work will always come first. So please bear with me.
Why I was away what have you guys being up to? Who got a new job? Who got engaged who welcomed a new baby? Who got a new car?
I love good news I mean don't we all?
Meanwhile, what's the plan for friday? Where are you turning up? Fill me in by  Leaving  a comment below. And hey! happiness is always a choice not a circumstance. Be happy!

Thanks for stopping by