The TRUTH about my 1st month in paediatrics!

Hey guys!  I promised in my last post to take you through what I have learnt in my first month in Paediatrics department and I haven't forgotten.
 So I got posted to nephrology unit which happens to be the busiest,which is both good and bad  depending on how you look at it.
 OK let's dive right into it shall we? So in no particular order here we go.

1. Word to the wise, If you don't like keeping vigil or having people  wake you up late at night please don't even bother about paediatrics.Most days when am on night call ,i don't sleep all through, reason being that their is always something to do. Whenever there is a critical case you have no business with sleep for that day.

2.The loud,high pitched piercing cry that can even deafen an already deaf man are a constant in the paediatric ward, It's more annoying when you have to deal with that at night.
Good thing is with time you will get so used to it that it will be like music to your ears trust me.

3. I have been perfecting my kid friendly language and accent.This one kid keeps looking at me like
 " what is wrong with this one" 
and the last time I give him a pen and paper to write just so I can do a quick examination and he threw it in my face like "ogbeni don't bribe me jooorrrr"

4.When a child is sick it takes a toll on the parents. It can either bring the family together or tear them apart which most often is the case. Most  mothers nursing a sick child get really frustated and  take it out on the the husbands,doctors and the nurses. When dealing with such people, patience and understanding is key.

5.Money is very well important, I mean very very very important. In this recession nobody is giving out free "anything".The hospital has helped in the past but such patients absconded blocking the way for others.
I will not say outrightly that you must marry rich or that you have to have so much money before getting married, but please before babies start coming into the mix make sure there is a reasonable amount of money stashed for emergencies.

6.You never stop reading as a paediatrician, there is so much to know,you don't  come for ward round unprepared. Questions will be asked and you don't want to look stupid before your patients.

7. With good food, immunisation,good hygiene and environmental sanitation kids are less likely to fall sick.

8. Life generally is unfair you get what you get and make the best of it. If you disagree then can you explain to me why a 6 year old should be suffering from cancer?.....Life!

9. In all I think kids are adorable I love them am excited when I see them in the morning especially the ward president chidera ( 2 years old) . kid is as lively and playful as they come. We call him that because he has stayed longer than all the other kids, though he has being discharged his mum has refused to go.

10. Will I want to be a paediatrician? still thinking about it!

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  1. Beautiful round up. Keep thinking ooo. Take your time. All the best dear.

    1. Lol! my darling IJ, am sure giving it some thoughts. Thanks alot.

  2. I think I can see future paediatrician written all over you. If l was a kid and I was sick, I will like you to be the one to take care of me, that way there can be one good thing to remember about being sick. keep it up

    1. Lol!the prophet has spoken!lets keep our fingers crossed then.Thanks Dr David.