Dear Zenith Bank!

I woke up this morning after a laid back,peaceful night call/duty( such calls are not easy to come by)and the first thing I saw was an alert from Zenith bank.
Credit alert right!!!!What a way to start the  week, I was excited!
 been waiting for that alert like kilode.
 I opened the message and much to my greatest displeasure
 the content wasn't sexy at allllllll
It was a debit alert for monthly MasterCard fee or something.....(this early morning?....ha!)
All these annoy me to no end, upholstery fee,service charge,e.t.c
  on top the small money am just saving in your bank ni?
kuku collect everything.
If not for their wonderful customer service and how reliable they are( which is why i love my bank) i would have reverted back to the old days; dig a hole and save my money there, at least I will not pay service charge, what do you think?
They cannot even surprise someone for once and say take this bonus for being a good customer or take this #50k as we celebrate customers appreciation day or even take this #5000 for your transport fare to our bank because we value the space your account occupies on our database ( rolls eye) .......yelz!
I cannot even keep calm about how the hospital generator was on all through yesterday, I mean from morning till the next morning! Big deal!
If you are "in the abroad" you will not understand. Putting on the generator all through the day is a big step up even if its just for one day and that kind of upgrade should be commended.
OK shift over! Time to get ready for work again because "na the work wey we dey do"
Have a blessed and successful week darlings.

"If you can think it then you can make it happen"

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  1. Lol this was funny

  2. Lol!Thanks for stopping by I hope to see more of you on here.have a blessed day dearie