Ovie's voice and a cup of gratitude!

Have you ever had that OMG! moment when something just clicks in your head, and gets you in deep thoughts, questioning a whole lot of things.
Well..... if you haven't, you need to pay more attention to your inner voice.
That moment for me was after watching "ovie's voice".
 Not a lot of movies get me emotional......oh well...... Indian movies do.
lawwddd!!! I could cry buckets watching them.
But I had a sort of epiphany after that movie. I thought to myself, I can see, talk, hear, walk and I still find a dozen things to complain about. I still have requests tabled before God each time I pray. Whereas there are people who cannot see, hear yet they wake up everyday and live their lives normally,they have not killed themselves. How many times have you been grateful for the free gifts that though seem little but are really huge and important, like the gift of sight, hearing, breathing and walking without?
How often do we take a break from wealth chasing wealth, making demands, complaining of what we don't have, to appreciate the things in life we have gotten freely?
You see, while you are worried about not having a lot of shoes someone somewhere just wants to be able to walk...!!!!Don't get me wrong Its noble to be ambitious, dream big and spoil yourself every now and then.
What am saying in a nutshell  my darlings is, it won't hurt if we are more grateful and appreciative of the little gems in life that make it beautiful and make our dreams achievable.
I can say without a doubt that I experienced a new kind of peace and joy that come with being appreciative even when a thousand things are going wrong when I started practising this principle.
It keeps your mind, soul and body in a healthy place until you work things out.
I pray the lord will strengthen those around us with physical challenges and put in our hearts the grace to be grateful for what we have.

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