Dear TEENAGER.....!!!

 I just got off the phone with my teenage cousin whom i haven't spoken to for almost 6 months pls dont ask me why.
Since my call has been uneventful I decided to ring her and we spoke for long.
 Talking to her today took me back to  when i was a teenager.
Its a very delicate and stressful period for both the teenagers and their loved ones that should be handled with care.
I will like to share some useful advice I gave to her and I hope other teenagers find this helpful.

1. Find and develop  your talent(s). It might be silly to others and even to you but as long as its not something negative build it and have fun doing it.

2.Dont bother yourself too much about being liked. Focus rather on being yourself being a good friend and building lasting friendship with people who care about you.

3. I know it is the era of computer, social media, entertainment and all that bt the truth is Education is very important, yes it is but it should not limit you.

4 you are not too young to start building your dream business,or too young to make a difference

5. Use your holiday for something productive. Learn a skill, learn how to play an instrument, take cooking, makeup or sewing classes. Learn as much as you can.

6.Don't be in a hurry to have sex. There is plenty of time for that in the future( did I just say that?.....yes I did!) Don't let a few minutes of pleasure ruin your life forever.

7.Treat your body well,exercise,eat right and lay off  sugary foods. Your present self will look and feel good and your future self will be thankful.

8. Pay attention to how you look ,you are not too young to take your personal grooming seriously or to make sure
that you look smart and beautiful.

9. Get a mentor; someone you can talk to and get good advice from. Could be someone in your family,church,school but preferably someone older whose life inspires you.

10. Confidence not only attracts people but opportunities as well . keep working at it.
 You don't have to fit in,embrace your uniqueness. No one is you and that's your selling point.

11. Its OK if you don't have life figured out, life is a journey things will fall in place at the right time. But in the meantime smile,smile,smile .life is beautiful.

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  1. You took the words right out of my draft. I have a similar post coming up....Nice one!

    1. Oh really?.... I hope to read yours soon. Have a blessed day

  2. Well said...strong words N great advice. Job well done cyn I'm proud of you...keep it burning!!!!

  3. I wish l knew all these when l was a teenager, its not that l would have been Dangote or Michael Jackson but l know my life would have been better. Thank you very much for sharing.

    1. Its never too late to learn and dp great things my dear. Have a blessed day

  4. Nice one. You are very realistic.