About the holiday X Nike lake resort

Goodmorning darlings! Still sleeping?the holiday is over and guess what time it is. Its  get up smell the coffee and get to work o'clock already, so let's get excited. But before then here is a summary of what happened over the weekend.
I started marking my calendar for this long awaited 4 days  holiday( Friday to Monday) long ago.
I couldn't wait to sleep for as long as I wanted without waking up the next morning and rushing off to prepare for work.
So you can imagine my disappointment when on Friday morning I got news that whilst it rained the night before some hoodlums had gone to vandalise the transformer and because it was a public holiday the chances of getting it fixed before the end of the holiday was less than 50%.
Mtchewwww!!!!!! Holiday without light is that one holiday?
Thankfully it was restored Saturday.

My appetite was on vacation as well, it happens that when am stressed, every food turns to medicine in my mouth.
I wasn't having that, I couldn't afford to not have appetite for Easter rice and chicken one bit. and since am not a big fan of taking drugs (*covers face* ) i mixed malt and mix and drank of all it . It worked like magic!)
After taking it,I dozed off and when I woke up I was energised and my appetite returned.
I finally got across to watching " the wedding party"
Yeah! I know am late to the party ( pun intended) but its better late than never right?
Zainab Balogun  was amazing, she really played the part. Adesuwa (as dunni coker)was gorgeous. I think she should just date Banky W........  thats if they aint already. They will make really cute kids that's for sure .
Iretiola Doyle (as Mrs Onwuka)was born for that role
 damnnnn!!!! she embodied class,sophistication and Elegance with so much ease. I could watch her all day long!
I have watched the movie over and over and it cracks me up the whole
time. Did I forget the white lady?(Adesuwa's bridesmaid cant remember her name now) she is a  doll!!!! Each time she tries to pronounce "Gbegiri" I can't help myself.
 too hilarious!!!!
I finally got to visit Nike lake Resort.
 I have been meaning to go for a decade but never found the time.
OMG! The place is divine.
If  you need a beautiful place to just relax and appreciate nature in its purest form,Nike lake resort  Enugu is the place for you.
I think in all I had a pretty decent time And am so happy I did.

How did you enjoy your Easter holiday?
Did you go someone fun or did you spend the time indoors.
I will love to hear all about it in the comment section below 

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  1. Permit me to post moderator... Needed to leave my ever busy work environment at FCT to be a best man to my friend for his white wedding that held in Umuahia... Initially, i had mixed feelings on how to connect to Owerri since Abuja airport has been shut for sometime now due to"renovation", then I resulted to the old means of travelling since I am Lion by default(ask me and I will tell you what I mean). Since I was not in a rush, I choosed ABC transport because I needed to sight see and relax too... Eventually it turned out to be a long Voyage(please don't ask me when I got to Owerri)... On getting to Umuahia, felt a bit of nostalgia having spent couple of months during my formative years in training... Connected to some friends but didn't want to raise down the roof since I needed to keep it low too... Assisted my friend in fine turning his arrangements and fill in the gaps too.... Eventually it turned out to be a successful wedding as there were left overs of drinks and food despite the impressive turn up of invited guests. I did the toast on the occasion to the admiration of the couple, both families and the invited guests... Then come dance, dance,dance..! It was fun all the way and I am glad I made it to wedding as the couple were full of prayers and praise for being an exceptional friend. For me right now, am having a bit of subtle peer and family pressure as I am the only barchalour among the 4 cycle of friends of our undergraduate university days, but I will temporize it because God's time is definitely the best!Suffice it to say the wedding held on Easter Monday so currently, on my way back to base but just trying figure out the excuse to give for not being at work today!Whatever it will turn out to be, I am glad I got the distractions I needed!....... By the way Cynthia gate, I hope Nike Resort paid you for this unparallel advertisement you did for them here.... Consider asking for your pay if you hadn't because I may visit the resort soon for relaxation too!

  2. Wow!you had a lit weekend!happy married life to your friend and to yoy in advance too. As for the pay, you never know.Thanks for sharing dear have a lovely week

  3. Wooooow interesting, you really had a good tyme, anyway mine was boring cos I had to work...nice pic ��

  4. I know l said l will use Green Tea Spa salt but l think l will hv to keep that one pending so l can use the money to go to Nike Lake. I jist have to go there. Lovely pics amd lovely post too. Have fun