Morning bants X what's in my bag

Goodmorning huns, hope you had a pretty decent night .
Am starting this week with God's grace, blessings and divine strength are you?
Someone just wanted to spoil my day today here is what happened. 
So a senior colleague  asked me to look out for a patient and  call him on phone when she comes .
I asked  him politely as a better pikin for his number since am new to the unit and didnt have it,he just got angry as if i was asking for his 6 months salary and his reply was 

Are you supposed to ask me that? (Who make I ask?....the gods?) Go and ask around for it he blurted out.
I  just jejely carried my two sticks and started doing ultimate search.

On a lighter note who wants to know whats in my bag?
It varies from time to time but these are basically what you can find in my bag. 
I always get bags with at least two compartments because I like to separate my personal stuff from my "work tools "(stethoscope, measuring tape,gloves) because it's hygienic that way.

I don't use the sunglasses often but I always go around with it for those times when it gets really sunny and I have to walk.
Lip stick and lip gloss to moisturize my lips and avoid cracked lips and of course my ATM and house key, no car key for now but hopefully soon(can I get an Amen!)

 I got this Michael kors wrist watch as a present and it's been my bestie since then, we go everywhere together mehn! !!
I feel weird when I go out without it.

 of course my stethoscope. This baby is usually the first thing I make sure is resting safe in my bag.
And my rosary . I  make sure to carry it wherever I go after Bae's mum encouraged me not to go out without it. If you are a Catholic you will understand  what am talking about. Its our weapon against spiritual forces in high places.

 Being that am presenly doing my obstetrics and gynecology posting ,my tape is always with me for measuring abdominal girth and estimating gestational age of a Fetus. 
For some reason I always find spare gloves in my bag( maybe am being too careful or just a habit)  and of course some extra cash for emergency ( don't mind the denomination lol! I do carry change sometimes for all the I don't have change crew)
 and yeah my detox  hand sanitizer. ou don't have to wait untill there is an outbreak of infection to take safety precautions. Prevention is always better than cure. It's important for me to sanitize my hands after every procedure to prevent cross infection.


  1. I get you on the rosary, mine is always in my bag and my hand sanitizer, I never go anywhere without it.

    1. @Chidimma that makes two of us.Better safe than sorry.

  2. All this senior colleagues and their serenre! As per VIP his number will be all over the walls of the building. I have pretty much same thing in my bag except Stethoscope replaced with laptop. But one day sha!! By God's grace