My apologies..!

Hey guys!
Ionnnnnnnnnnnng time no post, phew! I missed you all. Am sorry I have been MIA for so long, my apologies! It was inevitable.
  The last lap of my internal medicine posting was so exhausting.
 Usually i write new posts early in the morning just before i start getting ready for work or those free periods in between work but there was so much to do and with my colleague on leave, keeping up was not easy.

Thankfully that phase is over and I have resumed by obs and gyne posting.
I've been in theunit ( fertility unit) for two days  and am loving it.  Am more convinced than ever that I do not want to specialise in internal medicine, reason being that it's way too stressful, demandind and emotionally exhausting (as most of our patients come in at the late stage of their diseases when there is little or nothing that can be done for them)
You see, in as much as i love what i do i believe in balance.I want to be able to spend time with my family and not be so occupied that they feel left out
Am still keeping my options open but so far am enjoying the transition and it couldn't have come at a better time
I hope your valentine was popping! Valentine this year for me was more of thanksgiving.
I have so much to be thankful for, my family, my career, my relationship e.t.c ( yeah right it's not only to celebrate Le boo)
Of course the gifts are always the highlights of the day if you know what I mean.
I missed every single one of you I hope to be more consistent from hence forth.
I look forward to reading  all your comments and suggestions .

Thanks for stopping by