My sleep pattern is so awkward. Am one of the "special " people who go to bed as early as 8:30pm and wake up by 1am to stare at the ceiling and about an hour to the start of my day I fall asleep again only to wake up cranky and not well rested.

You see, I started  this routine while in medical school. I would stay awake and study all night (as a better pikin, to avoid stories that touch) Now that am done with that phase my body has refused to adjust.

Some days i get tired of reading but still cant sleep so i just find am activity however creepy to keep myself busy.When am home i use those times to cook. My mum would complain and complain untill she gave up on the issue.

On one occasion during my undergraduate days, i can remeber waking up at midnight or thereabout and started arranging my wardrobe, ( i felt it was alittle scattered and i just wanted to organise it...and No i wasnt possessed lol!) I got done with that and started sweeping the room. My friend was asleep the whole time or so i thought untill she started asking me jamb questions the following day

What happenened last night? 
Are you ok? 
 Abi the village people are  doing you?
(Can you believe her?)

I just answered with am ok,
 i was just bored and I couldn't sleep.
 Why didnt you say something, 
i thought you were asleep

And she goes

 it was so scary...
 didnt know if it was you or someone else.
I had to pretend to be asleep the whole time.

We'll I have figured out how to channel my insomnia to good use and thats to blog!

On the bright side I think it will come in handy when I have a baby. I won't have  to struggle with staying up late to tend  to a crying baby.

Do you stay up late into the morning?
What keeps you up at night?
What's the weirdest thing you've done at such times?

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  1. This is what medicine does to people. Destroys your sleep cycle. Since this year I have tried to be a normal person but no way. Just like you I blog


  2. @jennifer i totally agree with you.
    I guess it was structured to help us deal with late night emergencies.