Lifelately#EP3: when words fail

Special thanks to PHCN for deciding to give us light after almost a whole week of living in darkness and taking it before my phone could charge  up to 35% una wehdone! Continue!
The weather has been looking up this days(original weather for 2)

Am I the only one who chews like it's going out of style only to wake up with serious jaw ache and inability to open my mouth wider than 2cm?
Am still on my leave basically all i do is exercise eat and sleep. Am still new to the whole leave thing, this is my first as a worker I didn't think I should be far away just in case my presence is needed. Besides 5 working days didn't sound like a lot I might as well just use the time to relax,eat,sleep and wake up whenever I want.
Have you been screened for hepatitis B and c  and vaccinated for hepatitisB?
I think I need to do a post on this real soon. It seems alot of us are not aware of this as most cases we see in the hospital come at the late stage with many coming in when there is already a malignant transformation.
Thank God its friday!....unfortunately  i won't be turning up my bed got me plus haven't found any safe and cool spot in Enugu just yet, any idea?
oh shoot!.. my leave is gradually coming to an end Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it bad that I like staying home and doing nothing?
 Do you secretly wish you can  get paid for staying at home and doing nothing?