9 types of people you meet in a "doctors call room"

 Hey guys,I love the people I work with. Ok maybe not all but it's  the diverse personalities and what each brings to the table that makes work interesting.
The call room is where we keep our bags when we come to work and hang out when we are on break.
These are some of the characters I have observed.

1. The "I love what I do"crew
Thy are the real deal,very committed. If work starts by 8am they will be there by 6am. They go far and beyond for their patients. They come to check on their patients even when they are not on call and dont mind sleeping in the hospital to monitor them . He is the "go to guy" when you can't set a line or pass an NG tube.

2. The  talkative
Dude can  talk for Africa. If his mouth had a meter it would have blown by now.
He talks about any and everything. You can't ask how he is doing and expect a short sentence hell no! You need to grab a seat and some popcorn.

3 . The really cute one
He is super cute, all the patients want him to examine them,the nurses won't let him rest the ladies can't get enough of him he is usually quiet and shy, well mannered with a lovely smile.

4. The "I think am cute"
The not so fine one who thinks he is will Smith and brad pitts all in one. He never stops to feel himself. His taste is women in out of this world. She must be "not less than 55kg"and "not more than 56kg" she must be this and she must be that. He brags about how he can get any girl he chooses how everyone wants a piece of him, how he is the finest in his village. Sometimes you wonder if you are both looking at the same image.

5. The one  who thinks the government is wack and he can do a better job.
If the price of meatpie increases by twenty naira he blames it on the government.
When he  comes late to work he blames it on the government. Call food was not enough for him he blames it on the government.

6. The comedian
He is very funny, sometimes you can't tell when he is serious
He uses humour  to establish a relationship with everyone around him. He helps keep things loose and light.
Everyone notices when he is not around. And he is friends with all the ladies.

7.. The foodie
The one who just wants to eat.he cnt be bothered about anything else,as long as he has food 90% of his problems are solved. While others are thinking of how to protest he is thinking of  of whose house he is going to eat his next meal and vamoose.

8. "The hook me up crew"
He hits on anything  that moves.
Ladies beware!. He is always in between  girlfriends. He can approach  the same person twice in a week without knowing it.
He can be seen asking people to hook him up with one girl or the other.

9.the one who want to impress the chief

He is not   that diligent but the minute the chief is around, he starts to act up.He will act like he has been the only one working. He has no problem  taking credit for another person's effort  and will snitch on you anyway if that will make him look good.

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  1. Lol..... Nice one! I wonder in which category I fall into?

  2. Hmmmmmm! Nice read i must say....but your pronoun use is strong" na only guys de d call room? Abi u hv a soft spot for them? ....weldone

    1. Lol! I specifically decided to study the guys for this purpose.maybe I will review the ladies next, happy now?.lol! Thanks dear

  3. The 'I think I'm cute' ���� Nice one

  4. Interesting.. Had fun going through. I think I know the category I belong to now..lol

  5. hehehe!!!! I think I know too LOL!!!