The Xmas break and all things in between!

Hey guys!!! I would have done this a long time ago but I got caught up with preparations and work. So our dear idunnu got her prize and sent me some pictures before

the weekend am so glad she loved it. I had an amazing 25th December i hope you did too.I spent it with the most amazing people ever. Growing up christmas was for the kids we would dress up in in our "christmas clothes" and we would go in groups to visit friends and family of course with bags to carry all the goodies we would get,it was so much fun but i didn't see much of that this Christmas. I think that is fading away,makes me wonder if kids of today enjoy Christmas at all.
We are just a fewhours to the new year,if you are still figuring out how to end the year like a "BOSS" and start the new year like a "BALLER" you need to see Here But this weather though,got me feeling all type of way....please where is my mug?.... I will just jejely drink tea and cover myself with the blood of Jesus to avoid stories that touch I have been listening to Diana by techno nonstop since yesterday.that has got to be my favourite! I promise not to be away for too long again. Am working on making the blog bigger and even better, you won't want to be left out.lots of freebies coming soon as well.

How did you spend the Christmas break?

 Thanks for stopping by