Recession inspired ways to enjoy Christmas

Goodmorning huns! Christmas is just a few days away  can you smell it? I know i can even if i cant AIT will not stop getting it all up in my face. I love christmas i really do but with the recession still on heat and MMM freezing our accounts  one has to be extremely careful with spending this Yuletide to avoid starting next year with stories that touch.
Since we cannot postpone or ignore the celebration here are budget friendly ways to haveca magical Christmas this year.

1.bulk SMS-
I can compromise on a lot of things but sending Christmas messages to all and sundry is not one of them.If you are like me and you have so many people to wish well this Yuletide you need to think bulk SMS. Bulk SMS is a very effective way of sending messages to a large number of people at a low cost.  You cannot be dulling in this "buhari economy"
2. Drinks-
To save money on drinks,instead of the usual wine,malt e.t.c. You should go local. Its way more nutritious and pocket friendly zobo leaves are readily available and making it is also easy. "Kunu" is also an option.You can add home made chinchin alongside. If you have guests who still insist on having something to pop you can politely tell them to visit back after you have collected your money from MMM.  "you cannot come and be dulling like that"

You can organize a picnic and invite friends. Pick a location that is free e.g park, and ask everyone to come with something to share.  By the time  the Bensons come with fried chicken,the sules come with fried rice,the irabors come with cake and so on you will all have so much to Aunty's kids have been wining about going to see " father Christmas "  my aunty was fine with it untill she discovered that the gate fee for each kid is five thousand naira and she has 4 children. Have you ever tried explaining to kids under 8 years that they cant visit santa untill next year its like fetching water with a basket....fruitless! So to get out of this simply speak to your friends coming for the picnic,contribute money and rent a"Santa" costume buy popcorn,chocolates or biscuits as gifts from Santa to the kids and viola problem solved.
4.Gift giving-
So yesterday I was in a bus and the woman next to me was struggling to find a place for the "inflated aeroplane" she bought.I heard her telling the guy sitting right behind her that she has 4 kids and was only able to afford one toy.Now being that I have stayed with kids and I know how they get I just knew it wasn't going to end well as everyone will want to own it.
How about teaching them a thing or two about giving back.Christmas is not only for "give me this,buy me that"They should make a present for each could be a card,toy cart made out of straws or bamboos you will be amazed what they come up with.
5.Christmas outfits-
Edakun it is time to pull out an "oldie but goodie". Give it a fce lift and you are good to go. You cannot afford to be stunting with new outfit in this economy.For the ladies Brazilian hair is not smiling,it costs an arm and a leg to get one now. I strongly recommend that you either go natural,get your "shuku"or "thread plait"on or you kuku cut the hair like Waje and form African queen. By the way I love it on her.

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