Meeting the in-laws for the first time

Hey Huns! it's another day for "I DOs" and lovely "aso-ebi"parades.Congratulations  to all those tying the knot today, all those hoping to be next congratulations in advance.  And how can I forget all the tailors who did not finish making our asoebi for today's wedding congratulations!
I have  spent a better part of the day sleeping and guess what,it's more refreshing than a chilled bottle of water on a sunny day. I have overworked myself this week and I was seriously looking forward to this weekend. I missed you all(for real) please tell me you missed me too lol!!!!!!
OK so someone really really really  close to me is asking for advice on a very pressing issue and I thought to do a post on it so that those with similar  worries can benefit as well.      

If you are full blooded Nigerian you will understand that meeting le boo 's parents is a very big step for any lady and making a great impression  matters a lot especially when you are meeting  them for the first time. let me share my tips here and if you have more tips please do share in the comment box so we can all be great together
1. Dress responsibly, most African parents are not about the western style of dressing, this means that those sexy crop top, torn super tight jeans and mini dresses should be packed away for when you are alone with le boo. That is not to say that you go there looking like you have no sense of style. aim for something simple and conservative and fits you
2.Be polite, don't forget your please and thank you. Answer" yes " not yeah or yup make yourself useful in the house, dont always wait to be told before you help out.remember that little  acts of consideration will stick in their memories.
3.f you don't know how to cook please make google your friend and start practising, "it is not in your Prospective  mother in-law's  house that you want to start your kitchen experiments"
4.come bearing gifts-As a matter of fact it is unethical  as a Nigeria to visit a home (especially it's your first time) Empty handed. You need to show up with something in hand  No matter how small especially for his mum it shows how caring and welol brought Up you are
5. Last but not the least relax and breathe, they are probably as tense as you. So be yourself and enjoy every moment.
What was meeting  the in-laws  for the first time like for you?
What tip will you give to a newbie
Please leave your comments .

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  1. Now that was for the ladies. How about the guys??

    1. Lol! I probably will do one for the guys soon thanks ushana

  2. Yaaay....she has a blog. Lovely. Ok but one question what kind of gift can you bring along?

    1. Dear linda,Thanks for syopping by dear.You could ask your boyfriend/fiance what his mum likes so you can get her something she will really cherish. Otherwise you can get her a nice perfume,jewellery, fabric or a nice purse depending on your budget.
      Also you can get some raw local food that are not common like "achicha" that is if you are sure they like it
      Its the thought that counts.