Breakfast thoughts!

 Good morning sunshine!
Saturdays are the only days I get to have breakfast in my PJs. Every other day I eat half hurriedly before dashing out or I don't eat at all until I get to work.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be skipped not only is it a nice peaceful way to kick start the day but its overwhelming health benefits are too great to miss out on.

For breakfast today am having hot chocolate (perfect for the weather),sliced bread and fried egg with vegetables.(carrot,green peas and onions) and  cucumber on the side.
Part of my new year resolution is to Not skip breakfast anymore ,eat healthy and that includes lots of fruits and veggies.
Don't be to busy to eat right, you need to be in good health to enjoy the fruit of your labour.

What are you having for breakfast?

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