Reconnecting with my father

Life for me is worthless without God in it,am actually happiest when my relationship with God is solid and am actively involved in his works. There is a certain peace and joy that comes with being Connected to God.
I have been doing alot of soul searching   lately and i admit i haven't been as involved and as prayerful as I used to for so many reasons.
You know that feeling when you really truly want to change and be better but other things come in the way. But thank God for his mercies, he is faithful to forgive and love us even when we don't deserve it (as if we do) I have
Well, I have been reading some books and finding out ways to do better and I will like to share with you all so we can be great together.
1. Identify the things that are standing between you and God

In my case that will be thoughts,habits,worries,work and lazziness,yours can be different but the important thing is to identity what it is,confess and ask God for forgiveness as it says in the scriptures (1st John 1v9) he is faithful to forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness

2.Take action with or without feeling
Often times we wait around to feel a certain way to attend church service or pray, make it a habit to worship God whether you feel like it or not. This can be pretty difficult,easier said than done, but that's why God has made his grace available for us at no cost,to help us when we can't help ourselves.
So no more am not feeling so well this Sunday morning therefore I can't go to church, no more I can't pray tonight am too tired.
 When you make God a priority in your life every other thing falls in place
3.fill your life with things and people who encourage your walk with God
Its self explanatory. Also find time to be by yourself and pray,reconnect with God and meditate on his word.
Listen to gospel music,it has a way of lifting up your spirit. Also he who sings prays twice
4. Study the word of God daily
The word of God is our life guide as christians,and  has to key yo unlocking all our blessings.
Are you a Christian?
What measures do you take to grow your spiritual life?