My housemanship hustle 2

darlings,my Housmanship hustle from here continues.
So the list of shortlisted candidates was released and i was too depressed to check it because I had been informed my name was not on the list by my relative who checked before it was released online. I didnt want to go through the torture again. But out of curiosity on the morning to f the interview I decided to go over the list to know which of my classmates were shortlisted,lo and behold ...I Saw my name? My surname was misspelt but every other information was correct. Was i hallucinating ?this happened about 7:30am on the morning of the exam which was to commence by 9am and I was  3hours away from the venue of the exam.

Admist the confusion, i rushed into the bathroom to prepare,I cannot come and miss this opportunity  that comes once in a year just like that. Having my bath ,dressing up and packing took me less than 15 minute (boarding school style). I got to the park,unluckily for me  I was the first passenger and had to wait for the other passengers. Few minutes later,the bus took off.I said my prayers,and started revising what I have read months ago.

Mind you I came visiting my friend,my documents where someone else where I was staying at the time and I only had my jeans and tshirts. That's what happens when housemanship turns you to a I hot across to my good friend Eunice and she helped way-bill my documents .

We got to the last bus stop,I had to take 2 buses to get to the teaching bus from park A to park B and another from park B to the hospital. my document had not arrived but I decided to just go without it and hope they don't ask for it.
I stopped by a nearby boutique because i couldnt go for the interview on jeans and tees. I picked the first decent dress I saw,tried it on in a hurry and it fit.
how much is this ma?                                       Its ------ naira                                                   how much is it last?                                          remove it so we can talk
Madam if I remove this dress am not buying it again, am in a hurry how much? The woman looked at me as if to say is someone chasing you?

 I quickly paid for it and  literally ran to the park while I was waiting for the bus to get full I called a friend of mine who was at the exam venue .                                                 chuks has the exam started?                            We just finished the written part now it was a 15 minute exam.                            mogbe! Just like that? I just went to one side and started crying,one guy was even calling my attention to my open bag.               sister your zip is open ooo bad boys full this park are you sure they have not taken your money? I couldn't Care less if they like they should carry everything. To say I was devastated was an understatement.
I managed to put myself together I had missed the exam maybe I wasn't meant to take it. Got into a bus heading to the first park when my friend called me to ask how the exam went I explained everything to her
How can you come all the way and go back without at least getting to the venue?
Miracles happen God can still help you , have faith.
Yes I have faith but......
I finally reached the park A my document had arrived and my phone rang, it was the guy I met in the bus he was also heading to the teaching hospital but for a different reason,we got talking and exchanged numbers.
He asked if I was at the venue I told him my story
Am actually there now and your colleagues are still around,why don't you just come and see if something can be done for you, he adviced.

long story short I picked up my document and made a "u" turn back to the hospital another I hour journey,I arrived the hall by past one for an exam slated for 9am ( don't judge me). There were so many people ,the last batch (nutrition interns) were seated about to start their exam I went to one of the invigilator sitting outside I explained to her and she was mean as hell,I wasn't even offended because somehow I was my fault. I went to another invigilator-a man, he was nice and asked me to go inside and speak with the examiners which I did.

As I walked in the middle of hundreds of people stressed out,sweating with my backpack all eyes were on me.their piercing gaze like stilettos on my back as if that was not embarrassing enough someone from the crowd called out my name,it was my high school classmate Chisom hmmmmmm!
"They sha want to just finish me today abi?"

Part 3 coming soon there is still so much to talk about and I don't want this to be too lengthy

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  1. Lol. Please fonish the story oohh becos am the Chisom that called. Lol

  2. u have a cute write up. i like most importantly the part were u said and i quote " madam if i remove this dress am not buying it again" lol desperation! itching for the concluding part ooo.