My hair growth secret

Hi guys! I have been natural for 6 months now and loving it.I didn't catch the bug when it first started until I couldn't handle my hair anymore. You see my hair was breakling badly,my edges were gone,my hair was practically a joke.I have used basically all products in the market and spent so much trying to restore the dignity of my hair to no avail.

Well I decided to cut my hair and start all over again, yet it wasn't growing as I thought it would,mind you I eat really healthy foods,lots of veggies and fruits.
Untill my darling  friend came to my rescue. She shared her hair secret with me and introduced me  to this particular brand of Shea butter and it has been amazing. The best part is that its not even expensive,i wish I got this earlier,it would have saved me a lot of money.
Well there is love in sharing so I thought I should share with any sister who is having same trouble with her hair.this works for me and I think you should try it

Beat eggs and massage deeply into your hair from the roots to the tip, the quantity of eggs depends on how full your hair is,I use two eggs on mine. When you are done, cover your hair with black nylon bag and leave it for 2 hours.
Then take out the nylon bag wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, dry the hair and massage  original Shea butter into the hair. Make sure you massage it in thoroughly.
Do this once a month.
 Also apply Shea butter to your hair daily especially on your edges.
Wash your hair once a month too much washing and handling will destroy your hair,give it time to breathe.
Don't use too many products on your hair,it will do more harm than good.

Have you used shea butter on your hair?did it help?                                                         What's your hair secret? 
Let's hear about it 

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  1. A friend tried this. Ithe really works. Great one Cee

  2. Will really try it but please will it make one hair soft , if not do you know of anything that can do that

  3. Dear Jennifer,Shea butter softens your hair and nourishes it as well.however you are keeping virgin hair which is usually thick,you can also try spraying water and oil( coconut oil preferably) mixed in a spray bottle on your hair as well.