Mixed feelings!

Good morning gorgeous,  I woke up this morning with mixed feelings,happy and sad.
Happy because I finally start work on Monday,yayyyyyy!!!!!
am so excited about this even though am still trying to sort out my accommodation.
Being in the hospital not as a medical student anymore but as 'the doctor' is really huge for me(a dream come true)

I have spent 7 years in medical school studying and preparing for this moment and noe that its finally here I thank God for his grace.

On the flip side am not so happy because .........well I miss my mum. She went to be with the lord when I was preparing for my finals, she has been my support cheering me on every step of the way.she will always ask me " when are you to writing your final exam? She was looking forward to my induction, already started making preparations for my house job even before my finals.she was so proud of me and I wanted more than anything to make her happy.I hoped for the day when I would call and say" mum we made it" .i hoped for when i will start working and get her nice things .....................but God knows best.

Its been mighty lonely without her,its over a year now but it still feels like yesterday. I wish I can see her and hear her voice again even for a second.

Am starting posting with medicine.and I will keep us posted every step of the way.  have a beautiful Sunday.

God bless all mothers in the world for their unconditional love and care,for the sacrifices they make for us may their days be long and may they live to reap the fruits of their labour

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  1. This is lovely. Mum is looking down at you now with so much pride. Welldone Cynthia. I love your blog. God bless.

  2. Am proud of you dear. Keep it up.....

    1. Thanks dearie,I appreciate. Have a beautiful day