Girls talk: how to get the ring in 3 days!

All my single ladies,all my single ladies,all my single ladies so put your hands up oooooooooooooo........There are countless theories and books on how to attract a man,how to get him interested in you,how to get the ring. Churned out on daily basis for single ladies plus the ones that will tell you it is your fault that you are single,because you are too successful.   " I am not understanding"    well on behalf of all the single ladies in the world we will like to say "edakun! We have tire". That was how i was watching you-tube the other day and the guy said if you dont have big boobs get an implant mtchewwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!

Its not as difficult as they make it look the key is focus on loving yourself    yes oooo before you go around looking for Mr right to like you,make sure you are feeling yourself.( in beyonce's voice)

OK let's talk no one else is here just us no forming. Key points we need to know. are a confident woman act like one
A confident woman knows who she is and believes in herself.she is not defined by her physical appearance, her status or how others see her.
OK let me break it down no one will look down on you unless you look down on yourself embrace your flaws( no matter what it is) be kind to yourself if its something you can change do so not for anyone else but for yourself, if its something you cannot change then that's what makes you unique,let people who see you know that you love yourself completely even if you have to fake it till it becomes real.I have spoken to a couple of guys and they always say" we don't really care as much as they think we do"  i have a friend with the body of a goddess I mean she is fine! With a gorgeous body she exercises everyday and eats right  but she never stops complaining about one thing or the other on her body,that's what guys dont like. Its only a problem when you make it one.

2. Take care of yourself
I know when I get my hair done and I look good am your body you only have one of it.get your hair done( human hair is now cheap) get a good cream( not bleaching cream oooo) make sure you smell nice and your hygiene is impeccable

3. Dress well
You don't have to look trashy to look good neither do you have to rob a bank. Know what is "in" and dress like you want to be addressed. Dress for the occasion very important mini skirts are not appropriate for church or attending your friend's wedding,dont be scared to look sexy ,yes!show some skin(responsibly)  when appropriate.not the cossy orjiakor type.

Girl have fun, stop locking yourself up in the house,make friends, go out,attend weddings,programmes e.t.c. you have to be seen to be shown favour.don't be too conscious of yourself have fun,laugh,play,dance when necessary. Be friendly,let people feel comfortable around you.

STEP 5. invest in knowledge
Read books,read my blog, be aware it broadens your knowledge,so that you can have something intelligent to say when you are discussing with people

6. Be your own woman
Be independent,get a job or a business no matter how small. Don't depend on any man to put food on your are an asset not a liability

7.Don't date without focus
I don't know how to explain this other than to say if you are dating and after a year you haven't seen any sign that says he is very serious my sister please take the next exit.yes ooo all this dating for twelve years is not the way forward.

Your salvation is not dependent on your relationship status . dont rush in to rush out,you deserve to be loved and appreciated dont settle for less,look before you leap
You only have one life ,get out there and be great. Live,love and grow!

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  1. Coooooool, I do all these & I'm STILL SINGLE & SEARCHING (SSS)!!! Thanks anyways

    1. Dear jewel,dont be discouraged keep at it, it will come sooner than you think.have a blessed day

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