Daddy on probation

What was the first thing that came to your mind when you saw the headline? Hmmmmmm!i got it from this movie....sorry I can't remember the name now. The guy had abandoned his baby mama and came back 2 years later pleading to be let into his child's life ,well baby mama later agreed and said for now you can only be "daddy on probation". " i am not understanding" my question is how will she introduce him to people? hi simi this is mike,tayo's daddy on probation...???????. Nawaooooo.

 I have been putting my things together,enjoying the freedom of waking up when I want to and enjoying the series-husband's of Lagos, I can't get over livinus and ego oyibo ( my favourite characters) And of course sharp Benin babe and her "oyinbo" bobo. If you are not watching it you are missing.

 Can I rant a little?
 I hate when I just miss a call by the last ring and when I call back it rings a zillion times and goes into what do you do after I didn't answer? drop the phone and run away? I hate leaving my house all sweet and fly,looking like a bag of money and not seeing anyone i care to impress the entire day but the day I decide to freestyle I run into everybody I know "bet why?" OK am done ranting .

I love love,yeah I do
, just like I love cake (thankstobae) sorry its almost finished but as the better pikin that I am I can still share with you. Hehehehe! I hope you guys are doing well,thanks for clicking and commenting. Have a beautiful day,do more of what makes you happy,spread the word. Mmuuuaaahhhhh!

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