Are you running empty?

 Happy palm Sunday darling!!! For those of us who don't really know what palm Sunday signifies in the Christian community I will do you one better.😇
 Palm sunday  marks the end of lent and the beginning of holy week leading up to easter. It commemorates the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. 👑

It's a perfect time for cleaning out  and refueling our spiritual reservoir and opening our hearts to God for revival and renewal. ⛪
I used to think I had it all in control until a rude awakening last week jolted me back to reality.
You see, I will describe myself as a perfectionist, I freak out when things don't go as they ought to.  Now if you are like me you need God more than you need air.
When am in a good place spiritually I have peace of mind and when challenges come I would put my knees down, pray about them and let go.
Last week I had problems mobilizing for NYSC now it was so serious that if things didn't work out I would have to wait till November........NOVEMBER!!!!!  (what would I be doing till then?......the devil is a liar!) All this was because I hadn't gotten my regularised number from jamb and their server was down.
My first instinct wasto make calls. I called my school, I called jamb office, I did  every other thing but pray.
When all seemed futile I went on my knees to pray I couldn't even make a sentence without breaking down.
What happened to me?
I used to pray
What happened to my faith?
In my mind,  I knew God loves me and I believe in him, bt that's just not enough.  Just like you need fuel to move around in your car you need prayer to fuel your spiritual strength.
In all of these I learnt that everytime I seek God only after trying things my way,   I undermine his abilities. God should always be number one in our lives.  He is able an willing to do all things for us. We need God more and more, and building a strong faith that brings peace of mind requires conscious effort and quiet time with God.
Have a Blessed Sunday.

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