How yummy is your lady part? //TIPS FOR AN "INFECTION -FREE" VAGINA

The vagina is the next most important part of a woman next to the face and ought to be taken care of with dignity and respect.
Have you wondered why you keep having recurrent infections even though your hygiene is impeccable? Grab a seat you are about to find out.
You may have your bath couple of times a day, enjoy a closet full of expensive Victoria Secret or slim girl lingerie and use the best products money can buy. Hun,  newsflash!  you might just be doing the right things but doing them the wrong way. 
Here are simple practices we can incorporate to save us the embarrassment and make this a thing of the past. 😀

1. When it comes to your lingerie selection, 👙your vagina has a preference and that's cotton!
This is because it allows air entry to your lady part and absorbs moisture.
You see those "wash and wear" silk and nylon  panties, it's time to ditch them.

2. Say NO! to douching
 All you need is  warm water to wash down there. If you must use soap, make sure it's  mild organic soap/wash to avoid altering  the pH balance in the vagina, leaving it open to infections. I will do a review on some good products you can use soon.

3.Double up on vaginal friendly diet and that includes yoghurt.

4. Wipe the right way
There is a right way to wipe after emptying your bowel and that's from front to back.  Wiping from back to front can sweep harmful organisms  from the anus into the vagina and we don't want that.

5. Undies should be washed and dried  out in the open where they can get sunlight.  Drying them in the bathroom or other enclossed space  encourages  bacteria to rest on them and thrive. But the heat from the sun clears any such pathogen. If possible, iron them before use too.

6. During menstruation, tampons shouldn't stay in for too long.
Change them every 3 to 4 hours . The more time the menstrual blood stays in contact with the vagina the higher the chances of coming down with a vaginal infection.

6.If you start experiencing foul-smelling discharge from the vagina,  itching,  bleeding not related to menstrual period. Do not self medicate, visit your doctor right away.
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