Part 2// the bread and butter of making it through medical school and being exceptional at it

Hi guys, today we will be picking up from where we stopped in my last post. If you missed it, you can catch up on it Here

5.The "God factor"
Am not a preacher but in this journey you need God more than ever. I can't emphasize this enough.
 If you don't believe in grace,  medical school will shock you.  Build a personal relationship with God, it helped me when i was a student. Where human intelligence will not save you the grace of God will speak for you. That is not to say that you spend time praying and don't read your books.

6. Your social life is equally important
Once in a while , go out and have fun. Plan your life in a way that you dont miss out on relaxing and having fun whilst excelling academically.
keep in touch with your family and friends the advice and encouragement they will give you will help you keep pushing. I remember then when I would talk to my parents on phone and they encourage me and tell me how proud they are of me. I get off the phone feeling pumped up with extra energy to conquer and it made me never relent.

7. Apply yourself
Medicine is "showmanship" if you have the knowledge but cant apply it, you are not a doctor!
The only way you can learn to apply it is when  you take your clinical posting serious.
Your lecturers will encourage, force and harass you to be involved in clinical activities but at the end of the day its stiill your choice. You can play around it and  pass exams but it will tell on  you later.
Try to be active especially in your clinicals. Clerk as many patients as possible and present to your seniors so they will correct you. Don't be shy to ask questions even if you get laughed at. Better that than being laughed out when the results are out.

8. Join a Study group
Am not a big fan of study groups that are formed 1 month to a few weeks before exams, because for me that's the time I want to recollect all that I have studied. But study groups formed  as soon as lectures begin are cool.
Form a study group with people who are equally as invested in the dream as you(to avoid distractions) and people who are intelligent and hardworking too  (iron sharpeneth iron ) meet and discuss topics you were taught and share your  knowledge with one another. It will help the topics  stick better.

8.Be humble
Medicine is one of those fields where humility will pay you.
Respect your seniors, make friends with them . It wont cost you anything but you will benefit very much from it.
Remember my housemanship hustle Here and Here
You never know who can help me secure a spot so you dint have to go through the stress.
9.Learn procedures
Before you graduate learn at least how to
Clerk patients
Take blood samples
Set line for IV drugs and fluid
Transfuse blood
Do CPR on a patient
Correct hypoglycaemia
Pass urethral catheter
It will help you a lot during your housemanship.

I hope you find this helpful and I hope you make it through the hard times and persevere because once you finally get that MBBS it will be worth it.

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  1. I'm the one who typed following in your previous post. keep it up.... I just got admitted to study MBBS in AAU Ekpoma. I'm kinda anxious though, will I make it?

    1. Hi Kenneth,congratulations on your admission. You have done very well.
      Stay glued to our blog and you can always email me if you need more information i will be glad to put you through.