A close shave....but I survived!

I have this conspicuous scar on my knee that people won't stop "admiring" and asking me what happened to me. Initially it made me self conscious.  You wouldn't catch me in an "above the knee "dress/ skirt until I learnt to embrace it and understand that:
"My scars tell a story,they are a reminder of the time when life tried to break me but failed. They are markings of where the structure of my character was welded"
So to bring you up to speed ,this is my story.
OK, fast forward to 2015 , in the small village of okada in Edo state, around June/July I was preparing for paediatrics exams. If you went through medical school in Nigeria you would understand that paediatrics was one of the tricky exams that held back a lot of people hence we always prepared extra extra extra for it.
After an all night I wanted to go study in the call room at the hospital because I didn't want to be tempted to sleep if I read in my room. That morning I can remember saying my morning prayers and having a few drops of tears run down my face but that's usually me  when I pour my heart to God especially when am asking for exam favours.
So I got dressed packed my books and took a bike to the hospital.
Now i had taken a bike to and from the hospital countless times in the past this was not a big deal.....until I came face to face with danger!
Allow me to chime this in even for that 5minutes drive to the next street learn to be thankful. You never know what God has protected you from that you just didn't realise.
So I got on this bike and halfway into the 5 minutes ride my school bus overtook the bike I was in and hit the bike in the process. It staggered for a while as he lost control and I fell out of the bike on the coal tar and found myself some distance away from where I fell in the middle of the road.
This happened two years ago but I still get emotional when I recount the story
But you see,as God will have it the vehicles coming behind stopped and thankfully none was coming with speed on the other side.
It happened so fast. All I could remember was standing up almost immediately,cars were parked and a little crowd had gathered.
First thing I did was to check myself I wasn't sure if i was alive or otherwise. I didn't see another me still lying on the road so I took that to mean that the grace of God has saved me.
To be continued

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