Life Lately: EP 10 Officially a real HOUSEWIFE!

Hey lovelies Welcome back to my blog? Where have you been? Happy 17th October to you my darlings......of course everyday is special, celebrate it!
Recently we have being going on and off and  this usually is the point where I apologise for being MIA but I think you and I are over the repeat apologies as am a repeat offender. In view of that  I will say  let's raise our glasses and toast to a better last quater of the year.....cheerssssss!!!!!!!

So i couldnt blog for a while because i kind of lost touch and i wasn't motivated enough due to some circumstances beyond my control. But thanks to all those who reached out to me via instagram, phonecalls and those who even came to knock on my door to querry me on this ( lol! They know themselves)  I love you guys and I appreciate you. I might shut down sometimes but I will always come back better and better and for those who kept on refreshing my page all these while...... You are the real MVP. What i will say to a new blogger is that it takes a lot of patience, self motivation and persistence to thrive as a blogger. Share your story, have fun and trust the process. You never know whose life you bless with your posts.
To bring you up to speed with life lately; on my end ,well my centre has been on strike for 6 weeks now, barely one week into my surgery posting.
The first week I was like
         " yes! I need this time off to rest"
but after the second week passed I went from chilling to freaking out; just because more strike equals delay in rounding up my house job and am not here for it.
I have been mostly indoors doing the same thing everyday that is eat,sleep,listen to music, clean ,fiddle with my phone, read and now a real jousewife of ituku/ Ozalla.
The silver linning here is that I can say that I have 6 weeks experience in being a housewife.....I wonder if I can add that on my résumé, Instagram bio or somewhere at least!
 That has got to count for something right?
To crown it all there hasn't been electricity for a month. As if being idle is not punishment enough. My gadgets are mostly down due to the power failure......well all except my radio..that's why we are in an intimate relationship. You can find me next to my radio the next time you are looking for me.
I don't know if I should share this but since I was fussing about my leggedezbenz needing an upgrade in my previous posts its only proper I share the good news. So finally God decided i had suffered enough and went on to bless me with a RIDE! now yours faithfully can add car owner to her résumé ( is not an easy something) so if you see me drive know the drill!!!
At this point am open to ideas, guys how do you make the best of situations like this? What to you do with an overdue Strike period?
Leave a comment below,  I love to read your thoughts and contributions.

Thanks for stopping by


  1. Let me start by saying a big congratulations to you its not easy
    I think you should be very grafeful and thankful to your hospital management for giving you this highly sort after oppourtunity to do your IT in d sch of ''housewife''. Well while you are at(spending sometime with your radio off course)pls do u mind helping me find out the time they do 'politics daily' on dream fm? And plsssss give us more post to enjoy now that you are kind of free

    1. @Nnamdi i guess i should thank them but we need to get back to work already. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Have a blessed day

  2. The story of your life as a housewife? That's interesting. I love this and would like some more. You got my attention, so I'll be back for more, doc

    1. @Rowland thanks a lot! I will lookout for comments. Have a blessed day!