Moving on!

Hey darlings!
Home is where the heart is and DSD is home to me apologies for each day i have gone without posting and  lawd! Have I been gone for ages!
Let me not bore you with excuses. I will tryyyyyyyyyyy to be a little more regular (fingers crossed) like I used to but if I don't...... Well, we will be fine. Let's just have fun.                      
What have you been up to? How was your sallah break? Did you do anything fun? Since the strike started i have taken time out to read books, exercise and recuperate and of course enjoy all the drama on social media. Believe me, it works like magic especially after those bad days that turn into bad weeks. Its always nice to shut down and reset your mind.
We are 8 days into the month of september, a reminder that the year is far spent and almost coming to an end. While we love and look forward to Christmas and new year celebrations, it will be nice to ask ourselves How much have I accomplished this year?
 have I done all that I set out for this year? What am I doing about setting the ball rolling as regards that project i have had on my mind for long. ( food for thought for you and I)
I finally started my surgery rotation and am loving it. Will keep you posted as we progress. Oh shoot! Did I tell you about my CHER and Newborn posting ? Phewwwww!!!!! We really need to catch up don't we? You really really really need to hear this one it was bananas for sure. OK I will  have that boxed in until my next post. So keep checking.

"Dont think too hard about anything, life is full of uncertainties let it inspire you to grow and move forward not backwards"

Thanks for stopping by