What life has taught me #1: Trust your gut!

Kisses my darlings! How was your night?
Awesome?.......yeah! I thought as much,you  You know what they say about being away from a loved one right? the heart will not rest until its back to its love, well i missed this space and missed you all too.
  (covers face)
 Consistency is definitely top of my list for this month.
In between carrying a consult to the paediatric surgeons on call from one end of the department to another And the team avoiding it like a plague and having to dodge being asked for money for the umpteenth time, I had some time to reflect and long story short I came up with the idea for this blog post.
You see, Life is a school( don't ask me if its a grade school,high school or college) we make mistakes and we learn everyday.
In my twenty something years in this institution I have learnt some valuable lessons that sometimes I wish I can rewind and start all over again, with what I know now I will be on fire! 
I know a lot of teenagers and young adults read my blog hence I will be sharing lessons that will help you be better informed,take wiser decisions so we can all be great together.I decided to make it one lesson per post so  it doesnt get too long and we can easily digest the information.Is that OK?
1. Trust your gut! Don't be a push over
Hmmmmm!!!! Where do I even begin?
I mean this is the most important of them all because its the foundation for a lot of other things.
Have you had people make jokes at you for wanting to be more? well I have and my mistake was I let it get to me and in the long run I realised that I was on the right track to making a huge difference and achieving awesome things but "I chickened out" because other people's opinions mattered instead of trusting my instinct.
If you are passionate about something you really want to do,dont go about asking for people's approval because guess wgat you are more likeky to be discouraged than encouraged.... true story!
just do your research and get to work already. What's the worst that can happen ?you don't hit your target or according to society you fail......pick your self up and keep it moving eventually you will get thereand you will be glad you didnt give up not to mention the knowledge you would have acquired on the journey.
Don't be scared to set a trend,don't be scared to try new things.
Some people are born leaders,they lead and others follow don't make yourself a follower when you are a leader.
Even when its not making sense just trust the process and keep pushing. Occasional re-evaluation, little adjustments here and there and you are good.
Its not as easy as it sounds trust me I understand but if you persist you will be glad you did.

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