Top 5 fun ways to spend the weekend!

With the weekend and public holiday ahead of us, must be nice to do something fun don't you think? Got any plans yet? I have taken the time to bring right to your door step 5  fun things to do to make the best out of your break.

1. See a movie
If you have a cinema in your town this could be a really cool way to catch up with friends and have fun. If I were in Abuja i would definitely use this opportunity to see Isoken and 10 days in sun city. unfortunately there is no cinema in my city phewwww!!!! Please who else is in Enugu and isn't finding this funny at all? Signify by leaving me a comment below.

2.Go sight seeing
You could go somewhere you havnt been in your city or you could travel if you can. In Enugu I will surely recommend Nike lake resort. Its  absolutely beautiful,natural and the best part you don't get charged a dine to go in. I did a review on it Here You could have a picnic or just enjoy the beautiful sight.

3. Make something new
This is also an oppourtunity to connectvto your inner chef.
The kitchen is my laboratory, at my free time I like to make something new,I source for recipes online and I have fun bringing them to life.

4 read a motivational book
This not only keeps you occupied, it motivates you. My favourite of all times is "How to get from where you are to where you want to be " I did a review on it Here

If there is an opportunity to volunteer do well to avail yourself of the oppourtunity you will feel good afterwards.

What's your plan for the holiday?

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