The kids and I

are looking up way better than my first week in paediatrics department and even though am not totally loving it just yet,it feels way better than how I felt the first week.
So this kid keeps crying whenever I come close to his bed for anything and I can see him giving me the side eye whilst clutching tightly to his mum's bossom.  Hmmmmm!!!! I think I need a new look, maybe a new hairdo.
Its always so cute when you run into them in the clinic after they have been discharged and they give you that big hug like" now we can be friends"
.......... Kids! So adorable!
Am still thinking about where to specialise really, paediatrics is calling but mehnnn!!! Can I deal with the stress? hmmmm!!! Kids are not exactly the easiest to manage, sometimes all you want to do is listen to their chest but then all hell breaks loose And then comes the yelling!!!
 Aside being uncooperative about the simplest things, you have to be extremely careful as all the drugs and fluids are tailored to each child's specification.
I have being in the unit for about a month now and I have learnt quite a lot which I will be sharing in my next post so keep thy fingers crossed. One thing for sure is "I love being around  kids doesn't equal I should be a paediatrician".

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  1. Hahahahhha....and the last line? I can't agree less especially cause u are speaking from experience