HONEST PRODUCT REVIEW//say hello to 24/7 flawless makeup with sephora flawless matte primer

It wasn't love at first sight, but when i  took that leap of faith to try it, my heart melted and I haven't looked back after that.
Fast forward to 5 months ago, I was that girl that walked about with a handfan and a handtowel in my pocket always. Why? Because I can  sweat for africa.
For someone whose job keeps her on her feet moving from one point to another the whole day, it was pretty worrisome and embarassing especially when I  have to put up with questions like
Why are you sweating?
 is it this small sample you are taking that is making you sweat like this?
I had used 2 different primers that even made it worse for me until I came across the sephora flawless matte primer. I had gone to the shop for something else and somehow after talking to the cosmetologist about my ordeal he handed this to me. I was very quick to say a big No at first, can you blame me? I had tried other products and I was DONE!
After much persuasion I reluctantly decided to give it one more shot.
The first day I used it I didn't see much improvement maybe because I had the mindset that it was going to be like others and I would toss it aside after a while. But subsequently it started working wonders.
I got mine for #2500 which I think is quite affordable.
I apply a little on my hand and massage into my face,leave for about 10 mins before applying my makeup
It gives me a finer and smoother base for my makeup and keeps my face dry and my makeup intact all through the day.
I knew i was inlove with this product when it dawned on me that I couldnt remember the last time I went to work with a handtowel. I dont sweat half as much as i used to, my face is dry all day and my makeup doesn't get messy halfway into the day any longer
Sephora is bae!
Are you struggling with your makeup getting messy due to excessive sweating or your oily skin?
Have you tried this product?
Please leave me a comment below I would love to hear your thoughts

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