I couldn't resist  putting up this post because as cliché as it may sound,we can never get enough of good advice. While there are so many rules,guidelines and keys to building and sustaining a relationship. you need to have the following points encoded in your DNA if you are still single and genuinely want the "happily ever after"

1.You need to get out more , no one is going to see how awesome you are if you are always stuck in your comfort zone.

2. Know what you want. You can't be guessing or let the wind throw you where ever it pleases. Get it together, define what you want and go for it.

3. How is your personal hygiene? Always put yourself in the other person's shoes; would you want to come close to you if you were the other person? If yoou sweat a lot have your bath at least twice a day and use deodorants,check your breathe too,very important.

4.Smile more, Its totally free, it makes you appear more friendly and approachable

5.you can't make all that money and not spend it on yourself. I don't care if you are saving to build a mansion if you can't be nice to yourself with your hard earned money then its not worth it.

6.Don't be too quick to turn down love advances, at least give it a thought.

7.Don't go sliding into anyone's DM. It may have worked for some but you have 90% chance of regretting it. Its so uncool for a lady. You can drop a hint but never make it look like you are the one chasing

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