Guys get in here! 5 things to avoid when meeting her family

Happy workers day to every hardworking Nigerian may the lord bless the works of our hands.
Remember when I did the post on meeting the in-laws for the first time for the ladies Here
Well to be fair I decided to do a long overdue sequelae for the guys ( better late than never right?)
It's much easier for a guy to impress his prospective in-law than for a lady to do so  but even so making a good impression and winning her parents heart is a very big plus 
Basically this post will be to highlight the things you should avoid when you meet the parents of your girlfriend/fiancée.

1. You see those pants with lots of pockets and zips that you like to sag and feel like a gangstar with.....??? Oh yeah ! You know the one ...... Trash it!!!
No family wants to give their daughter to a man they ain't sure of.
A simple t-shirt decent pants and sneaks will do if  you are going for a casual look

2. Cut down the Public display of affection. Its good you let them know just how much you love their daughter but they don't want to glimpse you two sucking face and groping each other so until you are out of the house keep all the mushiness away.

3.Don't come empty handed
This is a non negotiable part of etiquette 101. Showing up empty handed you might as well have a tag on your forehead saying  hey! I have no respect for you, I am  ill mannered, please think the worst of me.
A bottle of fruit wine, a loaf of bread to say the least will go a long way.

4.It is not all about you
lots of guys are guilty of this maybe out of nervousness or sheer arrogance; they spend a better part of the meeting talking about themselves , their achievements and how well they are doing maybe in a bid to portray themselves as hardworking and a good prospect, this pisses even the most arrogant person off.
While they will want to get to know you don't just go on and on about yourself. Answer  specific questions thrown at you, be modest and ask about your host too.

5.Don't leave your manners at home
In at much as you should feel at home don't go picking your nose at the table,chewing with your mouth open,sitting with your legs on the table, be in your best behaviour and dont forget to thank your host.

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  1. This is the first piece I have read on what to do or nt to do when meeting prospective in-laws that l have absolitely nothing to disagree about and believe me they say l argue a lot while some say l am too opinionated. This is spot on. Thumbs up young lady

    1. I am glad you see it that way, thanks for stopping by dear

  2. Cyn.... thanks for the info.. I'm pretty sure my Nigerian friends had already messed up not knowing this!!!!

    1. I hope you share this with them to prevent mistakes in the future. Thanks for stopping by dear,have a blessed day