Who doesn't want the holiday to be over? Me,me,me and me I don't know about you but holidays are my favourite thing.....and this Easter was lit!!!
One of the reason why I can step out without makeup and not feel awkward is because of my skincare routine and one product that has been of great help to me is the ARGUSSY Green Tea spa salt.
 I haven't been regular with  it because most Mornings are a marathon but the break has afforded me time to do so

The product
I came across this product when I got tired of trying different products on my rough and "pimpulated face". I was highly skeptical about trying it only because I had tried on a dozen others with no significant improvement. I reluctantly decided maybe one more trial might make a difference.
Its ingredients include tablesalt(Nacl),olive oil,vitamin E,glycerine.

How much does it cost?

Its pretty affordable which is what I love most by the way, I got this for eight hundred naira From a cosmetic shop.

How is it used?

I take a little quantity and because its dry
I add a little water to make it easy to apply.
I exfoliate my face with it gently, with more attention the the areas with blemishes while making  sure not to forget the crevices like the sides of the nose and underneath the nose.
I do this until the crystals dissolve on my face after which I wash it off with water. You don't have to wait for it to stay in before washing out which is perfect for when in a hurry.
This should be done daily for a faster result.
Unlike many products I have used in the past, the effect was very visible immediately I washed my face.
My face felt softer,clearer and smoother after the first use, you could tell that there was a big difference when I applied my makeup it wasn't bumpy as usual it kind of gave my face that primer feel and made my makeup blend completely on my face.
With subsequent use my acne started clearing and I have never had to look back again.

 peep that glow

I absolutely love this product,it really lived up to its promise of a smooth and radiant skin. I love the fact that its natural, affordable, available and has a sweet "almost edible" fragrance.
I wish it came in a cup instead of a satchet to make it easier to store as I had a hard time balancing the satchet on my dresser.

Are you struggling with acne,blemish or a rough face? Have you tried this product? Are you willing to try it.
Leave me a comment on your thoughts down below.

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  1. I need to start using this Green Tea spa salt so l can look like u.

  2. I am continuously looking online for ideas that can benefit me.