#lifelately EP 7:blackberrypalava! 2

Good morning loves, yes we were in the middle of a gist yeah?
OK give me a minute, let me adjust my pancake properly .........
*clears throat* and sips on a glass of water.
So where were we?
If you are just joining us ,its a long story. The gist started Here
So she was so certain she would be able to identify the robber because his face was not covered  and she had the time to get a good look at him whilst begging for her sim card.
As a sharp girl that Stella is, she had a plan who wouldn't? Is it easy to loose a BlackBerry phone at that time and let let it slide? Hell no!!
I even forgot to tell you the guy was still using her bbm oooo
She showed his dp to my roommate to know if it was the said robber and she said Yes! She was sure it was him.
 OK continue!
Sharp babe finally convinced the guy to come visit her on campus after flirting with him and they fixed a day. On that day she informed the sheriffs ( campus security) and they were at alert.
The dude finally showed up in the evening, in his mind he had come to see his hot new catch. Stella showed up and when she had identified him and talked briefly with him she signalled the sheriffs who surroundef him and made sure he didn't escape. While they were dragging him to the security post Stella's friends and onlookers pounced on him and gave him the beating of his life.with shouts of thief! Thief! In the air
On getting to the security post, he was queried but he denied being a thief ,that he has never stolen anything in his life.
My housemate was asked if she was sure of her claim and babe just fell everybody's hand

Emmmm!! Am not that sure.!!
Maybe he is not the one but he looks like him somehow but am not sure!
When they have beaten blood out of him?
Are you for real?

That was when people calmed down to listen to his own story.
He denied being a thief or a robber and  when asked how he came about the phone he said he bought it (as fairly used)from a guy at a phone repair shop he didn't know the guy prior to that day and only bought it because it was sold to him at a lesser price.
The sheriffs blamed him for buying a phone without making proper enquiries about the owner. They tried to see how he can help them find the robber but he still maintained that he knew nothing about the seller and had only seen him on the day he bought the phone.
Long story short, the phone was collected from him and given to the rightful owner (Stella) I think they still tried to trace the robber to retrieve the second phone but I didn't follow up on that.
Why did I bring up this story? It shows how nothing is permanent now there are even better,more sophisticated and more expensive phones than BlackBerry today.
Moral of the story? Look before you leap to avoid stories that touch
Don't sell yourself for material things be it cars,phones, watches,e.t.c because better ones will always come and you will look back and see that it was never worth it.

Have a blessed day ahead, spread love to all.

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  1. Lmaooo. I pity the innocent guy. Black berry wahala those days. There is this saying "Who first but car na old model he buy" and that is because newer ones are still coming. Funny story.

    1. Am sure he also learnt to make enquiries before buying a used gadget too.
      Have a blessed day dear

  2. Such a sad ending...Good job cyn!!!

  3. Good one, more grace and power to u. But finally many people in Lagos buy second hand or fairly used phones so d guy is actually nt alone in d buying of stolen phone act

    1. That's true and there is nothing wrong with that provided You make sure its from a shop and not a random stranger who just met. To avoid stories that touch.