#life lately EP:6 Blackberry palava!

Good morning huns am in a good mood today I literally woke up singing and that doesn't happen very often on a week day. How was your night?
Let me take you down memory lane to a day I will never forget. It was  during my undergraduate days, I was sharing a room with 2 housemates. We were quite close and planned to get a room together which we did and fixed up the room (it was really lovely)
We were having a swell time until something happened.
At about 8:00pm  one Friday evening my housemate Went out to have her bath outside bear in mind that we had been warned against bathing outside but some people feel its freeing and  relaxing.
She got to the door after having her bath only to realise that she was being followed by a man with a gun pointed at her.
She was so scared. Standing there wet wrapped in a short towel.
He asked her to go in and followed her.
The man asked for her phone and that of our other roommate then proceeded to ask her
"who has a blackberry phone in this flat?"

The person I know is in the next flat her name is Stella"

He asked her to  lead the way ,somehow she was able to convince the robber to give back her sim.
They got to Stella's room and he asked her to knock which she did
The occupant of the room asked
Who is that?
"And she replied its me"
When the robber was sure Someone was coming to open the door he asked her to go.
The door was opened and the robber got in and made away with 2 black berry phones.

The next morning the hostel was agog and a number of people had gathered around Stella's room talking about it my roommate already told us what happened and we kept it to ourselves only for her to go out and probably out of excitement she told someone about how she was robbed and how she led the robber to Stella's room.

Before we could say jack Robinson Stella stormed our flat went straight to her and gave her a dirty slap
"So you are the one that brought robbers to my room"
We had to intervene to prevent someone's head from being broken.
It wasn't easy calming Stella down but luckily it was resolved and everybody went their way
She started chatting with the guy and managed to convince him to come and visit her on campus, this was a plan well orchestaraed to catch the robber
She had asked my housemate if she would be able to identify the robber to which she said yes.......
This is getting too long, I will complete the gist in my next post.
Have a beautiful day ahead darlings and may your today be better than your yesterday.

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  1. I kind of felt like i have heard this before. But i think this one is diferent. waiting for part 2

    1. Coming right up dear.yeah! things like this happen but this happened during my undergraduate days.
      Have a beautiful day dear

  2. Wooooow interesting... waiting...!!! Part 2

    1. Am glad you like it,part2 is coming right up. Have a beautiful day dear

  3. Chai! This suspense is intriguing. Can't wait for part 2. Nice one Cee!

  4. Can you imagine? Which kain cliffhanger is that. Continue joor. WE are waiting #saynotosuspense