Happy Easter celebration || The true meaning of Easter

Happy Easter darlings! In the spirit of this wonderful celebration i hope you are happy,blessed and thankful. For today our lord Jesus christ is risen and our hope for sslvation is sure.
To help us celebrate better, i will like to throw more light on the essence of Easter and why we celebrate it as christians.

What's Easter all about?

For some its a holiday period while for others its a time to rest from the daily hassles of life, work e.t.c
Easter celebration simply put is all about the DEATH and RESSURECTION of our lord Jesus Christ and a reminder of our redemptive blessings which includes salvation of souls, healing, deliverance, mercies, material provision, wisdom, strength and honour which are also the long lasting effect of Easter.
The resurrection of Christ is the anchor of the Christian faith; for the purpose of his death would not have been complete if he did not rise again.
His ressurection reconciled us back to God and restored our position in God before the fall of man
Furthermore  its a reminder and celebration of the devil's defeat forever.
The devil lost all the power he had over Christians the day Jesus resurrected and an understanding of this empowers us as Christians to challenge the enemy and exercise our authority over him in every areas of our life in Jesus name.
Easter is more than eating and drinking , its a day to praise God and thank him for his great wisdom for salvation.
Therefore don't make it only about exchanging gifts,Eating or spending time with family and loved ones but also a time to Celebrate Jesus,reconnect with him and appreciate the redemptive power of his resurrection.
Have a beautiful Easter celebration and may his resurrection be the beginning of great things in your life bring to life every testimony that you desire.

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  1. Waoh this is really really nice. May God give you grace to write more

    1. Thanks Nnamdi,I appreciate. Have a blessed day cheers!