Based on LOGISTICS.....!!!!!!

I have still not gotten myself after screaming my lungs out yesterday when  Efe ( the man of the moment) won big brother Nigeria, based on LOGISTICS!
You need to see me yesterday,It was as though I was the person who won the money. I have always wanted efe to win and I was even more confident that he was going home with the money after the last time they had to address voters and campaign for votes.
He was real, Nigerians love real.
He was totally relatable Nigerians don't have time to support someone who is perceived to be forming, and to top it all warri no dey carry last!
Trust them to throw their weight to back him up.
I saw this more as a Lagos versus warri battle and the warfarians killed it.
 Big ups to Efe,he is highly favoured . This is the kind of favour that one should pray for where men and women fall upon themselves to favour you. You are at one spot and people who don't know you take it upon themselves to go extra miles against all odd to fight for you. That my friend is FAVOUR! I don't know what Efe means but I have concluded in my own mind that EFE=favour.
Bisola tried sha but I have always thought it was cheating putting her in the same game as newbies knowing that she had a strong fan base before the show, unlike her counterparts. But she will go far despite not winning because she is an entertainer tested and trusted and big brother has only expanded her brand.
Please when is the next big brother Nigeria lemme go and buy ticket I can't shout.
 Yes am kidding and no am not (winks)

The OBS and gyne unit organised a 2 day seminar for which started really well at about 8am. I was supper excited but its 5pm and we are still listening to talks and lectures (phewwww!!!!!)
How is your Monday going guys! Sorry i have not been posting regularly I will do my best to correct that. I love this blog and I don't take it or my awesome readers and followers for granted.expect  more from me very soon . I love you guys muaahhhhhh!!!!!

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  1. #basedonlogistics his winning was epic. The vote margin was too much. People have started adding Efe to their names. lol

    1. That's it ,everybody identifies with success failure is an outcast.

  2. Its good to see people happy for someone not because they have anything to benefit from it bt because something good happpeened to them. Atleast l know his fan base would hv increased sporadically since he won d contest but l also know u have always been a fan of his, long before he won. So, I think u shud shout freely. Dont worry soon and very soon your own blessing is coming because u sure deserve it.