What you don't know about oge okoye's alleged "dog thievery"

My attention was drawn to a picture of the cutest puppies and the story making headlines is that they belong to a ex American beauty queen kenya moore and that a  certain nollywood actress by the name Oge Okoye took the said picture,posted it on her page claimed ownership of the cuties and even did naming ceremony for them  see picture below

  nollywood actress thief ordinary dog picture can you imagine?
Trust Nigerians to weigh in on this without wasting time

First of all why are Nigerians so judgemental? Somebody cannot make a wish again and they will be the first to scream lies! Fake life!
 Even if it is,so somebody cannot tell small lie to feel posh  in peace in this recession ni?

What if she was wishing and claiming in faith,Were you not taught to call forth those things that be not, as though they already are?

What if she was rehearsing a script,got so into character that she had to bring some of the drama on Instagram or haven't you heard acting is intoxicating?
What if her account was hacked?
What if she just joking?abi someone cannot play with you again?
Whatever be  the case please let's not bully people away from social media. its not that serious.


  1. Well they succeeded in bullying her oo. She had to take down the picture and was been quite for awhile. Nigerians have no chill these days...LMAO