What are you toasting to?

Hi guys ! I hope your day is going better than mine. I have been up on my feet all day moving from one end of the hospital to another and my feet really hurts.
I envy all of you who wear cute heels and work in an airconditioned office with a view and fancy desk .
you are living my dream! 
But I can't complain knowing what I went through to land this job, you can read all about it Here and Here and also my first week experience Here
 Consoling someone when they are grieving is not exactly my strong suit because am ridiculously emotional. The most insane things drive me to tears.
Worst still is a mother grieving the death of a 3 days old baby after 9 whole months and all the drama that comes with labour.
What a tragedy!
But God knows best and we mere mortals cannot question God.
On the flip side my registrar said I eat too much( jokes!)
to be fair he happens to walk in when am eating
Am one of those who like to  pack breakfast to work that's because am a picky eater unless its any of these Here ,Here and Here  because i eat like a princess (takes me almost an hour to finish eating)
I always squeeze out time to eat no matter what.
I cannot come and collapse because of hunger
I only wish it was true because while others are starving to loose weight I force myself to eat to gain weight ( I don't fancy being skinny at all) can't have the world thinking you are anorexic or suffering.
Close of work is happy time for me. I can come back to the comfort of my bed and sleep all I want.
All is well that ends well,am grateful for today and for you my awesome blog lovers
Raise up your hypothetical glass of the most expensive champagne and let's make a toast to friendship, goodlife and of course more money in the bank. Cheers!!!!

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