Truth moment!

Hey lovelies!
This is a quick spontaneous post,its very important to me not to derail from the real purpose of creating this blog,among which is to discuss crucial everyday issues, share our thoughts and encourage each other in life's sojourn.
While there are all kinds of bullies everywhere- at work,at home, in school e.t.c
I will like us to pay more encounter to work place bullies because they not only threaten your peace of mind but your source of income.
Please i implore us to be as honest as possible,your contributions are most welcome and remember that they can encourage and teach someone.
Have you been a member or victim  of bullies at the workplace? you know the type where the "uncool kids"come together and Pick on some others for silly reasons
If you are or have been  a member of such cliques please I have a few question for you
1. Why do you do so
2. Does it make you happy
3. How can such people be free from your wickedness( for lack of a better word)
If you have been a victim , I also have  some questions for you

1.what did you do that brought their attention to you
What effect did it have on you.
2.How did you handle it
3. How did it end?
4.what advice will you give to someone going through similar problems
This is supposed to be insightful,fun and  truthful.No judgements!
So please send your contributions in the comment box below so we can all benefit.
Thank God its Friday and I wish all ye kings and queens a beautiful and productive weekend ahead.

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  1. I do not remember being in such a situation except for those secondary schooldays with the seniors. I think the best way to handle them/the bully is to report that person to an authority