#Life lately Ep5 my experience with caesarean section

There is nothing as beautiful and heart melting as witnessing the birth of a baby. Its a miracle. If you are still in doubt of the existence of God you would have a rethink after witnessing this.

What I find most fascinating is caesarean section.

Let me share with you one experience I had  with this beautiful couple the other day.

Last week we had a case of multiple gestation with placenta previa . she was scheduled for an elective caesarean section.
On the day of the surgery my colleague had cross checked her surgery list to make sure she had all that was needed for the surgery, blood was also made available in case of emergency
I had been instructed to go and get the patient form the ward
Keep in mind that this is a fast procedure but any kind of surgery is scary for most people.
She was prepped and as she was being moved to the theatre the husband carried her things and walked behind us

"Pls I want to talk to my husband "

she said just before we got to the entrance of the theatre.
We had to stop and grant her request

Call prof X tell him we are going into the theatre
Call my mum, make sure.......
Are you crying?

We turned to look at husband, his eyes were red with tears running down his cheeks
 He couldn't hold it anymore.
They had only been married for a year and this was the first pregnancy. He was obviously scared.
Looking at him I saw a man who was in love and scared of loosing the one he loves.
She spoke in Igbo and said

Are you helping me by crying? What do you want me to do if you are crying.

For the next 10 minutes everybody's attention was on the man encouraging him that all will be well.

You have two of the best consultant obstetricians on your wife's case you have nothing to worry about

We got to the theatre and he could be seen sitting quietly at a corner while an eldely woman sat by his side praying.
The operation was veryfast and  30minutes after she was delivered of 2 beautiful healthy looking male children. When I passed the corridor to get oxytocin from the pharmacy i saw a nurse with him who already broke the news to them he was so happy  the woman by him was ecstatic she started singing and praising God she turned to the man and said in igbo

I said it! I had a feeling  she  was goung to havre twins!
You are now papa ejima

He was so grateful . He asked to see his wife and was told to wait a while.
Doctor thank you very much,nurse thank you very much he was practically thanking everybody passing by.

What I learnt from this is Make sure you marry a man who really loves you and will be there for you.

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  1. Awwwww.....I am happy for them. Pregnancy and childbirth is one of the greatest miracle of marriage. It humbles a man and it strengthens a woman.


  2. I totally agree with you and the joy that comes after it is pure and wonderful.

  3. I totally agree with you and the joy that comes after it is pure and wonderful.